Resource Network

When a community of business leaders works with the Majority World leaders, excellent resources are generated to support mission-critical goals for institutions and organizations that are often overstretched and under-resourced.

Who is the Resource Network for?

Our Resource Network is best for business professionals eager to generate resources, support missions, and promote entrepreneurship within faith-based organizations.

Join Our Fellowship

Become part of our community of leaders or contribute financially.

Bosko motivates business leaders to unlock local wealth and value in institutions and organizations for ministry growth, sustainability, and societal influence.
Identifies existing resources and transforms them into active revenue streams to support the mission of organizations and institutions.
Provides business insights and gifts to conceptualize new profitable ventures as sources of revenue for the mission.
Creates a fellowship of business entrepreneurs that mobilizes resources for strategic investment opportunities in organizations and institutions.
Mentors a community of emerging generations of young business leaders aligned to the Church for the ministry of philanthropy and generosity.
Develops a community of business leaders with a theological framework to advance businesses to fulfill the Church’s mission.

To join the Bosko Partners Resource Network, you must be a leader with a calling to strengthen Majority World theological education through business ventures. Beneficiary institutions need to be currently working with Bosko Partners.

How can I leverage my business background to support the mission of Bosko Partners and its network members?

You can join the Resource Network and explore roles that match your talents, passion, and experience to make meaningful contributions to institutions and organizations.

Does the network offer mentorship or training opportunities for aspiring Christian business leaders?

As an emerging business leader, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to interact and collaborate with seasoned executives. This collaborative environment not only helps institutions but also fosters your personal growth and development.

How does the Resource Network ensure alignment between business goals and the mission of the Church?

The Resource Network is crucial in helping institutions and organizations generate additional income streams through business ventures. This financial support is instrumental in fulfilling an institution’s mission to serve the Church.

The mentoring relationship with Dr. Bellon impacted me and my deputies significantly. Our academic and administrative skills were developed and sharpened, and we were prepared to generate more resources for our institution’s vitality and sustainability.

Prof. Emiola E. Nihinlola

Immediate former President of Nigeria Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.

“Dr. Bellon’s deep passion for the well-being of theological institutions has immensely impacted theological education in Asia. He has empowered several institutions in strategic planning and moved them towards increased financial health and growth. His keen insight into organizational culture and development adds to the efficacy of his engagement with seminaries and Bible colleges in a non-Western context.

Dr. Paul Cornelius

President, William Carey International University, Pasadena, CA