Leader Network

Mentoring and coaching leaders strengthen institutions and organizations to equip others for God’s work.

Who is the Leader Network for?

Our Leader Network is suited for executive leaders aiming to strengthen strategic guidance, foster institutional growth, and support church-related initiatives.

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Bosko mentors and coaches leaders to strengthen their institutions to help the Church fulfill its mission;
Coaches and mentors leaders in a community to provide strategic planning to enhance institutional growth and sustainability.
Provides board governance training to enhance stewardship and strategic guidance of institutions and organizations.
Creates safe places for executives in a peer-leader fellowship for spiritual, social, physical, mental, and emotional support.
Promotes and supports women in theological leadership to thrive and succeed.
Builds the capacity of pastors and leaders of parachurch organizations to expand the influence of the Church in society.

To join the Bosko Partners Leader Network, your institution or organization must be involved in training faculty for seminaries or leaders for Christian Ministry.

How can the network support strategy planning for my organization?

Bosko Partners works with you to clarify your organization’s mission and align your resources in a strategy for sustainability. 

Is there a cost associated with joining the Leader Network?

Yes, when selected, Bosko Partners works with generous donors to mobilize resources for engagement with you and your organization.

Beyond seminary faculty training, does the network also benefit leaders involved in other types of training for the Church?

Yes, the Leader Network benefits seminaries and organizations that prepare faculty and other workers for the Church.  

It was an amazing experience to be mentored by Dr. Bellon for strategy development. He was determined, committed, and effectively guided our team toward the desired goal. The engagement challenged my way of thinking and professionally sharpened my skills in strategic direction setting. What a wonderful blessing it is to have such an encounter!

Rev. Dr. Casthelia Kartika

President of Amanat Agung Theological Seminary, Jakarta, Indonesia
Rev. Dr. Casthelia Kartika

Dr. Bellon’s advice and analytical observations were extremely helpful in rethinking our college’s mission and action plans. He is a caring leader who is deeply concerned about executive leaders. He prayed with me, shared his wisdom generously, and cared for my well-being as the president.

Dr. Victor Lee

President of Malaysia Bible College