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When gifted leaders pursue their calling as faculty, their lives are transformed, and they form workers to serve the Church and society.

Who is the Faculty Network for?

Our Faculty Network is ideal for those passionate about teaching, mentoring, collaborative research, and advancing Christian ministry in the Majority World.

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Bosko nurtures and supports gifted leaders with a unique calling to train as faculty to serve the Church and influence society;
Provides scholarship funds for Majority World faculty to train in the Majority World institutions to serve the Church and change society.
Creates a fellowship of faculty for mutual encouragement and enduring relationships of service to the Church.
Promotes joint academic research and collaboration among faculty for effective ministry.
Strengthens doctoral supervision and programs for academic excellence and formation of pastors for the Church.
Mentors emerging young leaders into senior faculty roles for successful leadership transitions.

You may qualify, if you are from the Majority World, have a calling to serve the Church, hold a master’s degree from an accredited institution, and are applying to or have been accepted into a PhD program at a Majority World institution.

With support of Bosko Partners, my doctoral study aims to explore and promote how biblical principles and theological teachings can inform and motivate individuals and communities to take concrete action in safeguarding nature. Through scholarly inquiry and advocacy, I am committed to fostering a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all creation and mobilizing collective efforts towards environmental sustainability and justice.

Rev. Huten Tekshera

Lecturer, Huldah Buntain Theological College (CGLD Northeast), Guwahati, India.
Huten Tekshera, Lecturer, Huldah Buntain Theological College (CGLD Northeast), Guwahati, India.

As a young Christian, I dreamed of becoming a Bible teacher. God graciously provided avenues for academic advancement and teaching ministries. Doctoral scholarship became my “breeding ground” for the vocation of a leader in theological education. However, the complexity of the vocation requires more than a PhD. Dr. Bellon steered me toward the competencies I need to be effective as an institutional leader.

Dr. Joanna Feliciano-Soberano

OCI Regional Director for South East Asia
Dr. Joanna Feliciano-Soberano, OCI Regional Director for South East Asia