Research Network

Gathering information to learn and understand what God is doing in our context helps us respond appropriately to the needs of the Church and society.

Who is the Research Network for?

Our Research Network is suited for faculty, leaders, researchers, and data analysts passionate about collaborative studies, data-driven insights, and impactful publications for ministry growth and vitality.

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We mobilize and share information so that we can inspire ministries for increased impact in the Church and society.
Seeks partnerships with institutions, organizations, and regional associations of theological education for collaborative research.
Develops an electronic data collection and management system to create awareness, guide and strengthen education and ministry initiatives in the Church.
Facilitates the publication of contextually relevant academic papers, books, and reports for ministry growth and impact on society.
Disseminate information with Global partners to guide strategic investments in ministry programs and initiatives.
Creates a community of emerging leaders for research excellence and the fulfillment of the Church’s mission.

To join the Bosko Partners Research Network, you must be passionate about mobilizing and sharing research data to improve theological education in the Church’s ministry in context.

Does the network offer any training or support for developing research skills?

Yes, the Research Network facilitates training for emerging researchers to sharpen their skills and competencies.

What are the expectations for ongoing participation within the network?

The Research Network participants are valued contributors. They are expected to actively engage in collaborative, interdisciplinary research that significantly benefits the Church.

Is there a specific geographic focus for research projects within the network?

Yes, the Bosko Partners Research Network has a distinct and clear focus. It primarily directs its research efforts toward countries within the Majority World, reflecting our shared interest and commitment to this region.

Dr. Bellon patiently, passionately, and professionally guided the Asia Theological Association in a comprehensive strategy for significant ministry growth and effectiveness. In setting our roadmap for the future, we realized the importance of data-informed decisions. I am glad we have an organization that focuses on mobilizing research data to inspire ministries and drive change in theological education.

Dr. Theresa R. Lua

General Secretary of Asia Theological Association (ATA)
Dr. Theresa R. Lua

Dr. Bellon’s personalized executive coaching, collaborative efforts, and training have greatly influenced ACTEA, injecting it with resilience and purpose. ACTEA has evolved into a dynamic organization that enhances theological education through accreditation, research, and capacity building. The research division of ACTEA has effectively utilized research data to inspire ministries and lead positive change.

Rev. Dr. David Tarus

Executive Director, Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA)