Helen’s Story

When the Nigerian Baptist Convention appointed the first woman in the denomination, Dr. Helen Ishola-Esan, a microbiologist and theologian, to lead a seminary in Southeastern Nigeria, they were aware of the unique challenges of the Delta Region.

This region is characterized by a high rate of youth unemployment, crave for materialism, and severe economic challenges for families. However, the Baptist Theological Seminary in Eku, which Helen leads, has taken up the mission to form leaders who will serve the Church in these specific challenges. Helen is highly motivated and energized about the plans the seminary is preparing to guide church leaders in southeastern Nigeria.

Helen reflects, “My contact with Dr. Bellon was a huge blessing. I gained knowledge on strategic, transformative leadership that would affect change in structures, systems, context, and people in the seminary community.

Now, I know how to plan and implement the plans. The idea of having a contextual plan and rolling out strategies and courses of action to actualize such goals is now demonstrated in our four-year strategic plan (2023-2026).

The most significant change is discovering the reason for BTS Eku’s existence and fulfilling our stated purpose. This discovery clarified the school’s mission after 78 years of existence. Hence, we are currently pursuing a newly constructed mission.

This new mission re-defined a 78-year-old school and has given it a well-focused direction in fulfilling its purpose and expressing its calling. This is so amazing!” Rev. Prof. Helen Ishola-Esan, President of Baptist Theological Seminary, Eku, Delta State, Nigeria.

The support of Bosko Partners made it possible for me to achieve my bachelor’s degree. Even when“Amazing engagement with Dr. Bellon positioned me for impactful transformative leadership and re-defined my 78-year-old institution for strategic development and sustainability to serve the Church in my country. ”

Rev. Prof. Helen Ishola-Esan

President of Baptist Theological Seminary, Eku, Delta State, Nigeria
Rev. Prof. Helen Ishola-Esan

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